Cryptoshell AG


  • How many times have you heard that engineers and designers stole the essence of a brilliant idea from a rolling business and created a copy that is now a direct competitor to the original?

  • How many times have you heard that engineers and designers stole the essence of a brilliant idea from a rolling business and created a copy that is now a direct competitor to the original?

  • How many times have you heard that engineers and designers stole the essence of a brilliant idea from a rolling business and created a copy that is now a direct competitor to the original?

Additionally, how do you provide everyday access for your business to run seamlessly, at the same time avoiding unauthorized access and unauthorised copying? How do you organize machine-generated data flow in order to see your production bottlenecks and bottleneck patterns?

We shall share our vision and solution, enforced by 15+ years of experience in Industrial Automation, IT, Cybersecurity, Cryptography and BI solutions. Powered by our own secure private cloud solution and secure desktop delivery solution, using our DLP working guidelines we are confident we can create a complete stack for your business most critical data, including Intellectual Properties to be stored in a most secure way possible in Fuerstentum Liechtenstein — the banking heart of Europe.

Information — the new money — so we make sure it is stored securely and treated properly, so only you can access your secure vault, and only authorised people can use fractions of this information to run your business or to produce some goods. It is technological process or valuable parameters, datasets or any other know-how, which is enriched by your daily business experience is essence of your wealth, as cashflow is creted by this. That is why it is essential for your business and yourself as an owner or shareholder to make sure all this is properly and securely stored in a safe place. At the same time everyday access and changes are also essential for doing business as usual.

That is why our converged — safe storage and secure controlled delivery — is a must in current turmoil situation — with Cybersecurity risks and political instability.


A time of crisis is not only a time for anxiety and worry but also a time of opportunity to choose well. 

With growing uncertainty, the people of the world were watching their usual ways of living change, during the start of the pandemic at the end of 2019. We were forced to live in a new reality, where meeting family and friends is a risk, going to work to your office is prohibited and there is a feeling of uneasiness looming over all of us every single day. 

All of us have read the year 5 biology curriculum that explains the theory of evolution, survival of the fittest. We, as humans, are most different from any other species on this planet in our ability to adapt to the changing situation quickly to ensure our survival. Of course, survival was probably not at stake, but the way we live our lives- definitely was. 
We ensured that our normal life is going to be resumed, even if it requires a few changes. 
Going to the gym is not possible? No problem, I have my yoga mat, a few dumbbells, and an online class on core strength training. Maybe I won't gain any muscle tissue, but I sure am not losing any. 
Among the millions of things that required new ways to adapt, were important work meetings. This is why our team created a fully secure and fail-proof online conference platform that supports video and audio conferencing. Yes, we know we are not the first and certainly not the last to present such a product, but we have a very unique set of features up our sleeve. 
First of all, we do not require you to download any sort of additional app onto your device, all of the magic happens on a remote cloud server which increases security as close to no information is stored on your device. You simply need a certificate that is generated by our team and launches the conference in your browser. Furthermore, we are using encryption that we have personally designed and tested for a long time and can guarantee with 101% confidence that you can discuss any sort of information using our solution, as we have a special way to ensure full confidentiality. 

Our team will be more than welcome to help you get started with us and answer any additional questions you may have regarding our product. Please feel free to contact us.

Cryptocloud™ vision

Have you ever wondered why people strive to maximise their output doing their job? Why do we so desperately seek improvement and employ all possible ways to become the best at what we do? Nothing would change globally if you wouldn't submit the last bit of paperwork yesterday for your boss, and the world wouldn't end if your boss, in turn, did not sign it right away. And yet you cut your lunch short to fit in the extra bit of work needed, and your boss called up his wife to let her know he is going to be late for dinner.

For centuries, people evolved their ways of work to produce anything to the best of their ability. From inventing the wheel, using levers for the first time, to the beginning of the industrial revolution and the first conveyor assembly line. We have always wanted to excel at producing the best that we can.

As time flows, and our technological progress has slowed down due to obvious reasons, humans have realised that not only the physical tools are important for effective work. Interaction between different people has to be efficient and swift, to ensure that everything runs as one, very well oiled machine.

Different solutions have been developed over the years, all of them revolutionizing the way an efficient company is run. We do not claim to be either pioneers or revolutionaries- our message is different. We created a secure, user-friendly and efficient way for you and your colleagues to exchange information and files. To message each other in your private chats, or a group chat. To work on solutions using our in-built video conferencing solution. All of this is not rocket science by now, but it doesn’t need to be. We have one, significant advantage among others- security. Our solution is cloud-based and provides minimal data storage on your device, which protects you from hacks and the fears of your data being exposed. We use our own encryption technologies and are very proud to provide it for your protection.